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When mass-produced medicines place limitations on a patient's drug therapy, Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy, LLC can produce unique formulations, tailored to the patient's needs.
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 What is compounding? What this means is, when mass-produced medicines place limitations on a patient's drug therapy, a compounding pharmacist can use his/her expertise to produce a unique product, tailored to the patient's needs. It can be as simple as reformulating products to deliver medication(s) in specific concentrations and combinations otherwise unavailable, or changing the route of administation. For example, some patient's are unable to take medications orally and need to have their medicine converted into transdermal gels or rectal suppositories.

How compounding can benefit you. Today, compounding pharmacists have access to more medications, more technology and more research data than ever before. Because of this, they are able to provide endless choices to patients and their physicians. Multiple active ingredients can be combined to make dosing regimens simpler or to treat complicated conditions from more than one therapeutic approach. To accommodate specific patient needs, medications can also be formulated into unique dosage forms like transdermal gels, oral liquids, and more. Since each product is individually formulated, the doctor and patient can specify strengths, flavors, colors, sizes, and add or remove inactive ingredients.

To learn about some of our unique solutions, like
Natural Hormone Replacement, Pain Management, or
Veterinary Medicine click on the links to the right. These are just a few examples of how we can help doctors and patients.

For more information about how a compounding pharmacist can help you or someone you know send us an e-mail or call Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy at 1-877-RxNeeds. Find out about choices you never knew you had.

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Michael Roberge, RPh
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Michael Roberge is the sole-proprietor of Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy LLC. He received his BS Pharmacy Degree from the University of Rhode Island in 1989 and has been practicing as a community retail pharmacist since. In addition to the training he received at URI, he completed a specialized program at Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc, in 1999.   

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