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When mass-produced medicines place limitations on a patient's drug therapy, Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy, LLC can produce unique formulations, tailored to the patient's needs.
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Pain Management

Many pain medications can be given in alternative dosage forms such as transdermal (through the skin) as a cream or gel; sublingual (under the tongue) as a drop, spray or lozenge; rectally as a suppository; or in a sustained release capsule.

Many physical therapy protocols require special pharmaceutical products such as phonophoretic gels and iontophoretic solutions. These products are used during physical therapy and may contain various prescription ingredients. We at Compounded Solutions can compound the specialized gels and solutions to enhance the benefits of physical therapy.

Treatment of Neuropathies- Many neuropathies are secondary to other disease states such as diabetes, poor circulation, Reynauds, Bells palsy and others. These neuropathies can be treated with transderma gels that carry pharmaceutical agents directly to the source of the problem.

CTS- Carpel Tunnel Syndrome has been studied in many medical journals and has been associated with a Vitamin B6 deficiency at the median nerve in the wrist. We have developed a transdermal cream that replenishes the Vitamin B6 at the nerve and alleviates symptoms within 4-6 weeks. Typically, CTS surgery has an eight week recovery period and only 25-30% of patients treated experience significant improvement.

For more information about this or our other unique solutions Send us an e-mail or call Compounded Solutions in Pharmacy at 1-877-RxNeeds and find out about choices you never knew you had.

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